Freaky Frugal or Stupid Frugal?

There’s a huuuuuge difference between being Freaky Frugal and Stupid Frugal. A Freaky Frugal person is someone who saves money but realizes there’s a Happiness Return On Investment (HROI) in spending money on certain things.

What’s a HROI? A high HROI means that you gain much more in personal happiness than you lose from the dollar cost of the expense. A low HROI means you don’t gain enough personal happiness to justify an expense. If an expense is really low or even free*, it’s pretty easy to hit a high HROI. Continue reading “Freaky Frugal or Stupid Frugal?”

Adventures in negotiating rent

Did you know you can negotiate rent? I didn’t until about a year ago when Mrs. Freaky Frugal and I sold our home in the burbs so we could move to downtown Philly. We were thrilled – we’ve always wanted to live downtown since we moved to Philly long ago. City wage taxes and having children got in the way. Continue reading “Adventures in negotiating rent”

Are you an Oblivious Wage Slave?

A Wage Slave (WS) is someone who works for money but hates his job. He’d much rather do more personally fulfilling stuff. Maybe he’d like to read, play tennis, hang with friends, go for walks, run, work on a hobby, volunteer, or whatever. Maybe he’s just sick of the actual work, the jerks he works for and with, or the agonizing commute. Maybe he resents selling, creating or supporting a product or service that is worthless or even evil. Does any of this sound familiar? Does any of this describe you? Continue reading “Are you an Oblivious Wage Slave?”